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Who is Irfan Malik?

They say that success is a journey, not a destination, and Irfan Malik’s story is a testament to that. Born into a humble background, Malik was discouraged from pursuing his dreams of becoming a tech leader. He turned adversity into an advantage and proved that determination, resilience, and a hunger for success can overcome any obstacle.

Irfan Malik is a Data Scientist, Entrepreneur, and a tech consultant. Despite starting out as an office boy, he fulfilled his vision of starting his own company and became the founder and CEO of  Xeven Solutions. Today the company has offices in several countries including the UK, USA, UAE, and Pakistan.

Irfan Malik not only succeeded in the tech industry but also gave back to the community. His free courses platform, Xeven Skills, empowers people and promotes access to education.

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Journey and Impact

Discover my noteworthy engagements, meaningful contributions, and impactful initiatives that shaped my journey.

Irfan's Tech Portfolio

Highlighting my skills and accomplishments through tangible work examples and experiences.

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Feedback on the Professional Services and Results

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Prioritizing self-care and time management to achieve harmony between work and personal life.

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Snapshot of My Journey

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